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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 17:00

Colorado Medical Marijuana Doctors

Written by 1-800 Medical Marijuana
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Colorado medical marijuana doctors intend on defending the rights of marijuana patients by using education and community participation. Many patients seeking alternative forms of medicine are naturally attracted to the special practices of these doctors. All patients that seek medical marijuana are put through a heavily detailed screening process, and unqualified patients are turned away. Medical marijuana is only intended for use in "debilitating medical conditions," such as cancer, HIV, seizures, fibromyalgia, and more. Most patients are registered for medical marijuana usage to assist with chronic pain.

The state has tried to place more regulations on medical marijuana to prevent abuse from Colorado medical marijuana doctors which might be prescribing too freely without properly diagnosing patients. The average age of medical marijuana patients has dropped from 42 to 24 in the past year, and there is an annual fee to renew a patients' medical marijuana card. From our experience 98% of patients requesting medical marijuana have a serious need due to their medical condition. The federal government declares that it is against the law to raid medical marijuana operations, but some towns are stepping in to try to put stipulations on the dispensaries. Some of these stipulations include keeping dispensaries away from schools and restricting their hours to prevent break-ins.

Even though Colorodo medical marijuana doctors are permitted by law to prescribe marijuana in Amendment 20, it is still undetermined as to whether or not it is legal for the buying and selling of marijuana, or even if dispensaries are legal.

Lawmakers in Colorado also tried to put regulations on how many patients a dispensary could provide for. The communities quickly intervened at the hearing and the regulations were not put into place. Lawmakers feel as though the Colorado medical marijuana doctors allow too many people to slip through the screening process. These Colorado medical marijuana doctors are simply compassionate to the conditions of their patients, as any doctor should be, regardless of their specialty.

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