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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 16:40

Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Written by 1-800 Medical Marijuana
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Medical Marijuana DispensariesColorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are receiving greater acceptance as the state becomes more liberal. To grow and sell marijuana in the United States is still a Federal offense, yet many individual states are deeming it legal to use marijuana for medical purposes. Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have become legal throughout much of the state.

Many people who are in pain today are turning to their doctors and to marijuana and to various dispensaries. Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are numerous and can be found in the cities of Colorado and in smaller country towns, as well. Liscensed caregivers and clinics are increasing in numbers within the state. Some of them are family owned and operated and classed as herbal centers. Others are found in the larger cities, and marijuana clinics there are staffed with more traditional medical doctors and nurses, and occasionally, with naturopathic doctors. These clinics represent the more common definition of medical dispensaries. Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are frequented by people who have a variety of problems that result in intense pain and/or extreme inflammation. Marijuana is used to treat cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, seizures and other diseases. Please click here for more information on 1-800MedicalMarijuana's dispensary and services.

Though medical marijuana was made legal in Colorado in the year 2000, it's not all "smooth sailing." The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency has raided several dispensaries in Colorado, while making an effort to impose stiffer regulations on the state. Some cities and municipalities will not license dispensaries or legalize marijuana within their communities. They say they will not do so while it is still illegal under Federal law. The controversy continues and is likely to continue until marijuana is legalized at the Federal level.

As always please feel free to fill out our short contact form to the right and one of our staff members will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have about medical cannabis and MMJ cards. You may also visit our contact page and call one of our 4 Colorado locations for further assistance.

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