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Friday, 09 April 2010 15:55

Pain Management Therapy with Medical Marijuana

Written by 1-800 Medical Marijuana
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Pain Management Therapy StaffWhile the legal arguments against medical marijuana continue to cause controversy, over 76 million people suffer daily from chronic pain caused by cancer, HIV, back, neck and spinal cord injuries, arthritis, and other degenerative joint and tissue disorders as well as countless other diseases or disorders. Traditional ways to manage chronic pain don’t always work, but fortunately in 14 states this alternative option is available. There are many strong supporters of the use of cannabis for helping patients with chronic pain, not to mention numerous studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of marijuana as a pain reliever. It has also been shown that marijuana helps reduce even the perception of pain.

Constant pain is often times a debilitating symptom of many conditions. The condition itself is what determines the cure, but that cure has nothing to do with management of the pain in the mean time. The proper pain therapy given to a patient depends on the severity and location of the pain as well as how long it lasts. Even pain therapy can cause additional pain for the patient. A patient in constant pain dreams of the time he or she will be able to function normally again. This begins when pain from both their condition and their pain therapy begins to subside.

When a patient’s pain is not treated properly, it is not uncommon for them to want to give up and die. They may refuse treatments like chemotherapy or surgery that could save their lives. When pain causes someone to become this desperate, anything that can help ease their pain is bound to help them live longer because they will want to live longer.

Cannabis can provide relief from this pain. It may be prescribed alone or combined with some other prescription pain medication. But not only is cannabis an effective treatment for managing pain, it can also control the nausea that often comes with opiate-based drugs used for pain. In addition, it helps with vomiting and dizziness that can occur when someone has been suffering with pain for a very long time.

There is an oral version of medical cannabis called Marinol that contains THC, one of the chemical compounds in marijuana. However, inhaling cannabis rather than ingesting a pill gets the important active compounds in the cannabis more quickly into the bloodstream. Cannabis is also considered more effective than the Marinol because it contains more of the active compounds than just THC, making it have better results in reducing pain than THC by itself.

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