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Tuesday, 13 April 2010 18:14

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Some Thoughts About Medical Marijuana in the Community

Medical Marijuana and the Community

Since the passage of legislation legalizing medical marijuana in Denver, Colorado, many false statements and assumptions have polluted the landscape of medical marijuana debate. Do medical marijuana dispensaries increase crime in their surrounding neighborhood? Do users of medical marijuana pose a crime risk? Does medical marijuana actually help patients? These are all questions that have solid answers based on legitimate science and statistics that any person with an interest in the debate has access to.

According to an article by the Denver Post, “Legal since 2000 in Colorado, no reliable evidence exists to prove that medical marijuana leads to increased crime.” The reality of the situation is that there has been no proven link between increased crime in neighborhoods where marijuana dispensaries are located. In fact, it is very likely that the legalization of medical marijuana may help reduce crime in some areas, as it takes the distribution of medical marijuana out of the hands of criminals and places it into the hands of legitimate business owners who often have close ties with the community.

While many people are under the flawed assumption that medical marijuana users are more likely to cause crimes, the facts do not seem to be on their side. The Drug Policy Alliance Network has several cited studies which show that users of marijuana are not likely to commit more crimes, than those who do not use medical marijuana. They also state that aggression is decreased in marijuana users, rather than increased.

Several people dispute the idea that medical marijuana has any medicinal properties. Wikipedia’s medical cannabis article lists several sources and studies which show that medical marijuana helps several conditions, including stimulation of hunger in HIV and chemotherapy patients, helping glaucoma patients lower their intraocular eye pressure and offers relief for people who suffer from chronic pain. Medicinal uses for medical marijuana are still being discovered as testing is still ongoing.

The facts seem to show that there is a lot of misinformation being passed around about medical marijuana. While it is certainly possible that crime may happen around medical marijuana dispensaries, there is no correlation that this crime is due to the presence of the dispensaries. Medical marijuana also has several proven medicinal usages, making it an important treatment for patients who have no other way to relieve their symptoms.

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