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Thursday, 13 May 2010 15:57

Medical Marijuana and Alzheimer's

Several research studies have been performed to gauge the effectiveness of cannabis to treat Alzheimer's patients. Results have been mixed, but seem to lean toward proving that there is a beneficial impact on Alzheimer's from marijuana use. The researchers who did not find sufficient support for marijuana's chemical treatment of the disease itself admitted that the medication does at least provide relaxation and comfort for patients who suffer from Alzheimer's, and may be a beneficial treatment of the symptoms if not the root problem.

The Science Behind the Claims

The THC that comprises the active ingredient of cannabis has been shown to have a direct impact on the formation of protein deposits in the brain, which can cause some Alzheimer's symptoms. The problem with definitively linking marijuana to Alzheimer's treatment is that doctors are still unsure about the initial causes of Alzheimer's in the first place. Extensive studies have proven that cannabis can reduce the brain's protein deposits far more effectively than the Alzheimer's medications that are currently being prescribed. Doctors are excited about the fact that marijuana could treat the cause of Alzheimer's as well as provide relief from its more debilitating symptoms.

Early Marijuana Dosages More Effective

Some doctors have begun to release research that shows that cannabis can protect the brain from forming Alzheimer's if it is used earlier in life. The THC in marijuana can help the brain retain memory function if Alzheimer's is diagnosed early enough. It helps memory receptors in the brain to remain healthy for a longer period of time after the initial onset of Alzheimer's. While this does not indicate that THC is an Alzheimer's cure, it does imply that the more devastating effects of the disease can be delayed in patients who use marijuana.

Marijuana Provides Comfort for Alzheimer's Sufferers

Doctors who do not support the therapeutic effectiveness of cannabis for Alzheimer's patients do support the use of marijuana to ease patient's symptoms. Medical Marijuana can help patients feel more comfortable and sleep better at night. It also reduces the occurrence of depression in Alzheimer's patients, which can help patients maintain a higher level of brain function because they don't lose hope. These doctors don't believe that marijuana treats the illness directly, but they do find that it is a powerful way to keep patients functioning for a longer period of time after the initial onset of Alzheimer's disease.

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