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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 16:27

Medical Marijuana and Cancer Treatment

Medical Marijuana and Cancer TreatmentMedical marijuana is a very effective method of cancer treatment. If you think it might help, you should see a marijuana doctor. If medical marijuana is the best cancer treatment for you, your marijuana doctor can prescribe it. A cancer treatment like chemo-therapy can have wide-ranging, unpleasant side-effects that your marijuana doctor will diagnose and treat with marijuana.

A harsh cancer treatment might affect you in two main ways. Your marijuana doctor will confirm that either chemo-therapy or radiation may cause a physical ailment like upset stomach, which medical marijuana can relieve. A cancer treatment might also cause depression, which can be more effectively treated by medical marijuana than an anti-depressant. These are effects that your marijuana doctor can treat effectively and inexpensively.

It’s very important to keep a positive frame of mind during your battle against cancer. Depression slows recovery from the disease. Your doctor knows that marijuana can often put the will to live back in a cancer patient. Harsh chemicals will remain in your body longer than natural marijuana. Some chemicals can remain in your system for weeks. Marijuana leaves the system after a few days.

To get marijuana, you’ll first need to try other methods of relief. If they have no effect or seem too harsh, your physician can prescribe medical marijuana for your cancer treatments. Marijuana can be smoked, eaten in baked goods, or even added to a spaghetti sauce. There are marijuana recipes online for marijuana butter for baking and marijuana oil for cooking. The marijuana dispensaries sell brownies and cookies. Eating it lasts longer than smoking marijuana, but the effect is not as intense. Try the different ways of taking your marijuana. It doesn’t matter how you take your treatment. Medical marijuana is effective in any form. It will not lose its potency when cooked, nor is it stronger when smoked.

A little medical marijuana goes a long way when dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment. Your doctor can keep you in the loop as far as new developments and methods of delivery. Marijuana will take the edge off your treatment. Find a good physician to get the right prescription for your treatment.

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