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Medical Marijuana can help with nausea caused by chemotherapy for cancer patientsIt can shake a person to their very core to receive a diagnosis of cancer. No one can really be thoroughly prepared for the path that they are now on as they make numerous visits to hospitals, specialists and radiology centers. In addition, the medicine and treatments that patients are given can have devastating effects on eating habits, body weight and overall health. As a result, scientists continue to study solutions for nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite in addition to many other side effects.

Some anticancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, can cause stomach issues. Many of the medications affect the stomach lining while other drugs trigger portions of the brain that control dizziness, nausea and vomiting. While patients almost always receive anti-emetics, or medicine to prevent this sickness, there isn't one type or dosage amount that works for everyone. In fact, there are many patients that are still afflicted with these side effects regardless of the anti-emetic medication.

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AIDS patients take a lot of pills. The HIV virus attacks the body’s immune system on multiple fronts, causing intense nausea and lack of appetite. What that often means is, AIDS patients rarely feel like eating, and if by some miracle they manage to choke something down, it’s more likely than not to make them feel even sicker. Commonly referred to as AIDS wasting, dramatic weight loss is a common side effect for patients with end stage AIDS, but even those less far along experience issues with their appetite, as well as the ability of the body to process nourishment.

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