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Massage is a beneficial method of treatment for a variety of conditions and symptoms. As with any treatment, the primary goal is to encourage healing and to increase overall health and well being.

By definition, massage therapy is the systematic manipulation of soft tissues such as muscle to normalize their condition. This manipulation can directly work on many of your bodily systems such as the muscular, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic or immune systems.

Our in-house massage practitioners at 1-800 Medical Marijuana can use various methods during treatment such as using movable or fixed pressure or by movement of your body. While they will use their hands primarily, they can also use their elbows, forearms or feet.

When considering if massage therapy is right for you, consider these benefits:

  • Relaxation of muscles. If your muscles are tense or tight, they can affect your body’s functionality. They can affect your balance or posture, which can lead to other related problems. Our massage therapist will look for these signs to find the source of the issue and then will apply the best method to alleviate the problem.
  • Relief of pain. Some techniques that a massage therapist may use can be targeted for specific problems, such as pain. Our therapist will manipulate sore muscle tissues with the goal of improving function to the affected areas.
  • Circulation improvement. The techniques used in massage cause blood to be flushed in and out of joints and muscles, thus improving circulation in the affected areas. This is beneficial in areas of your body with poor circulation or in injured areas.
  • Rehabilitate or maintain physical function. The most minor injury can sometimes lead to a major impact in your life. If an injury becomes a chronic condition, it can affect all aspects of life and potentially the ability to do your job. This is why massage therapy has become common in professional athletes’ training regimens both for the prevention but also the treatment of injuries. Treatment is also beneficial to patients that have suffered some type of injury as massage can aid in recovery time. For workers that do jobs that require repetitive motion or long work hours, massage can also help as these factors can lead to limited functionality of the affected areas.
  • Stress relief. Stress can play a negative role in your overall health, such as increasing the risk of heart disease through elevated blood pressure, for example. In a spa environment, stress relief through relaxation is the primary function of massage. Many vacation resorts now feature spas where stress relief is emphasized when describing treatment options. Massage therapy can offer an enjoyable yet effective way to reduce your stress.

Massage therapy can be an important ally where your health is concerned. Depending on your needs, we can help tailor a treatment to your specific conditions and compliment other medical treatments that you may be receiving to aid in maintaining optimal function or aid in your recovery. In some cases, your medical insurance may cover the treatment costs. Contact us today by either filling out the form on the right-hand side or by calling (303) 623-PAIN [7246], and find out how one of our highly skilled massage therapists can assist you in feeling less pain and decrease your stress levels.