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Medical Marijuana

Medical CannabisThe use of medical marijuana is increasingly being recognized as an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses and diseases. Some examples of symptoms and common illnesses treated with medical marijuana can include but are not limited to chronic pain and muscle spasms, nausea, seizure disorders, various types of cancer and diabetes.


Cannabis is illegal for recreational use in much of the world and in the United States, however through the support of physicians and patients who have found medical marijuana to be effective in treatment of illness, some states have legalized the use of medical cannabis. This allowance is only if a prescription is written and it will be used to treat a recognized or specific condition. Please be sure to contact us if you need any further information or assistance by clicking here, or filling out the form to the right.

There are several ways that the dosage is administered such as smoking, vaporizing, via drinking or eating extracts or taking capsules. The capsules are the two synthetic drugs, Nabilone or Marinol, that have been approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration that contain medicinal marijuana.

The following are common steps for acquiring medical marijuana:

  1. Make sure that medical cannabis is legal in your area. Click here for a map of our locations within legal states or you can contact your state’s pharmaceutical board. Each states' medical marijuana law is different, and some can be quite complex. Our physicians are located within our facilites and in approved states can legally write prescriptions for medical marijuana. Please be sure to fill out the form on the right, or contact us for any specific questions you may have.
  2. Contact us at 1-800 Medical Marijuana to determine if your medical condition is one of the approved conditions for a prescription. Only certain conditions such as AIDS or symptoms such as nausea from cancer chemo treatments, for example, can be treated with medical marijuana. If you do not have an approved condition, you cannot obtain cannabis legally.
  3. Get the right documentation. After determining if you live in a state that has legalized medical cannabis, obtain the correct documentation. Some states may require for you to apply for a government issued card or register with the state or county you live in to legally fill your prescriptions.
  4. Get your prescription. Get in touch with us via the form on the right or by contacting us. Let us help you in obtaining the proper information and explain your legal rights to medicinal marijuana to help expedite your prescription. Once scheduling an appointment with one of our physicians, they will either write a prescription for the synthetic drugs or recommend the best method of administering medical cannabis. The method of your dosage must be included in the directions of the prescription.

The most important aspect of obtaining prescription is to follow all of the guidelines set down for the state you live in to the letter, if it is one that has legalized the usage of medical marijuana. Obtaining marijuana by any other means is breaking the law and it can affect your safety and well being overall. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at (303) 623-PAIN [7246].