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Treating Arthritis With The Power Of Medicinal Marijuana

Those who suffer from arthritis are well aware of the pain associated with the disease. While there are many different pain medications on the market, none match the effect medicinal marijuana can have. The treatment of pain with medicinal marijuana is nothing new; only the increase of legality and use has recently.

One of the main problems with many of the different medicines used in order to treat arthritis are the side effects which are as bad if not worse than the arthritis itself. It defeats the purpose of taking medicine to treat a problem if the symptoms worsen in exchange. Another problem in the past in dealing with arthritis was that the joints didn't seem to get the proper amount of hydration needed, thus the pain would persist.

Through the use of medical marijuana for arthritis we've seen people notice less pain as well as less stiffness. It is easier for our patients to perform everyday tasks again, and promotes a more active lifestyle again.

The other big benefit of medicinal marijuana is the long term effects it can have. With some arthritis medicines, you will get a short term benefit. You will end up taking medication several times throughout the day. When you use medicinal marijuana to treat pain in joints, the relief lasts at least 5 hours when properly dosed.

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