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Treating Glaucoma With Medicinal Marijuana To See Better

Glaucoma is a disease which affects a large part of the population as they begin to get older. There are two main kinds Glaucoma which include primary open angle and angle closure. The two will include the reduction of eye sight and can also lead to blindness. This is a scary idea no matter what part of your life you are in.

The main cause of this disease is Intraocular Pressure (IOP). This will cause pressure on the optical nerve which will cause problems with the eye sight including being able to focus, depth perception and peripheral vision.

There have been a few Ways to treat this disease include different medicines which can have disastrous side effects. There is also risky eye surgery which can help to relieve the pressure. In our opinion, the most effective method of treatment is the use medicinal marijuana as a form of treatment.

Those who have used marijuana, including our very own patients to treat glaucoma have noticed significant decrease in IOP, and in some cases the effects on vision can be reversed. The use of medicinal marijuana is well known for the treatment of this disease as it was one of the original diseases marijuana was found to be effective against.

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